AIMEN – An Alarming Call for this Land of Saints

Being a social activist I grieve not just for the rape victim but for the whole kashmir that is day by day losing those pearls (Values) for which it is still being presented as example. As I write this, my hands are trembling, my heart is pounding and the eyes are tearing up. I can’t hold the pen over which I have a strong grip , as to pen down such a heart wrenching crime is itself frightening – Yes, the rape. The heinous act undoubtedly prevails from time immemorial in the society passing on from one civilization to another civilization.

The victims mostly found to be the one who in real sense empower human existence in every aspect of life and progress. yes, the half- partner of the man whose existence is impossible with out her existence and who is incomplete without her in almost every affair and sphere of life. I don’t understand how do even we forget about the one , the would be woman – the baby girls, for whom every father has an inborn instinct of love and protection.

The civilized can’t imagine such a horrible scene and the purpose to pen-down the pain of silenced voice is to raise the conscience of every class of society , to get up and feel the pain of innocence and become one to get the society free from such assaults. Undoubtly , such assaults on women and children had become common in our country which comprises rape, marital rape, child sex and molestation, but among them most violent crime committed against women and child is rape. Let us realize that rape outrages ones modesty and imagine the after rape victim who lives a painful life filled with disgust, guilt, depression and fear.

It is a serious concern today that there is the manifold increase in the rape incidents in valley and the recent witnessed being the frequent modules in north Kashmir from Sopore to Bandipora. The recent incident in the valley that shook the society as whole was the rape of 3 years old child in north Kashmir. The wave which was so strong that the people irrespective of age, gender and class came on roads to protest the heinous act which showed that there is still fabric of value based consciousness alive in the society. But at the same time there was another shock to the humanity when a trusted educational institute issued a fabricated age proof certificate to defend the accused by declaring him minor. Though the age proof was proved wrong and invalid but it ruined the girl child again. How come society be so insensitive towards the pain that the budding bloom has gone through and is going through, how can they forget the ruined dreams of those parents who wanted to see a single smile on her lips and to whom they loved and cared delicately.

The un-answered questions that would be striking the mind of her father day and night : ” How he raped my baby with out fear ? Can I bring justice for her tears? The mother of the innocent ruined victim asking herself, “Does I borne her for the slaughters prey? I know my child your shaken physique and rubbed soul repeatedly asks me the question ,why you born me mummy ,how come this world behaved with me ,yes you taught me the distinctions between genders, introduced me to good and bad touch, but the society groomed from years together snatched my baby hood through a beast in human disguise and to my surprise no one stand with me in my pain and solitude.

Parents of the victim console each other regarding the justice to be delivered and I hope that people of this valley will take the incident as an alarming call. A Call for the collective responsibility on the society in whole and few sections like Social activists, civil society members, law enforcement agencies in particular to strive for justice in favour of the victim.

It is to be kept in mind that only severe punitive actions against the accused will minimize the malaise. The social workers and activists need to gear up for the awareness programmes regarding such incidents and making society to understand the psychological and physical trauma of rape crimes. There should be a District level mega campaigning for justice in favour of the victim and the law enforcement departments need to play the vital role in it and become victim friendly. The lawyers in the community should shoulder the responsibility by conducting speedy trials in such cases. Value based and result oriented conscience level of the people at the helm of affairs need to be checked and assessed and measures to boost the same are to be taken. The strict law of death penalty for the accused should be formed and executed by the law enforcement agencies in order to stop such heart wrenching and horrible crimes in this society.The women committees should be formed which would exclusively deal with the problem of the women.

Astonishing is the fact that being the citizens of the democratic nation in the world where people centric policies seems to be echoed everywhere , there doesn’t seem any sensation of belongingness towards women who is being harassed at various levels and stages through out life that too cowardly and harshly. There are off and on claims that much is being done for the safety and security of women, but the practical implementation at ground level is zero. However the non profit organizations should start rape cries centers, which can play vital role in supporting victims. Reformation of institutions also needs to be considered in order to convict the accused. The accused if convicted at first track can motivate un reported victims to come forward. The taboo in the society about the victim as social stygian encourage the rapists and gives further impetus to such horrendous crime.

The occurrence of such heinous crimes in society known as Rashiwar (Land of Saints)sent a wave of shock and puzzlement and the whole valley is mourning this intolerable act. Crime is Crime, Victim is Victim and that too tender and blooming, hence it doesn’t matter to which community, religion or race it belongs to. Yes, she is a daughter of humanity that is why the incident gave the whole society altogether sleepless nights and the people in general tried to hid their face being part of the society where such shameful act took place.

It is noteworthy to mention here that Kashmir has been passing through a turmoil for last few decades and during this phase the breakage of cultural and ethical values gave rise to many such incidents. Number of such victims are still waiting for Justice and number of cases are still under trial. By this delay tactics and failure of the action by the people at the helm affairs, the accused enjoy the freedom which in turn has again made the victim the most suffered one.

Though the shocking and trembling condition of the victim can’t be totally restored, the lost dreams of the parents can’t be regained but the culprit if punished according to the will of the victim and her family can quench the thirst and serve in a long run in eradicating the thought of such evils. Accused of such crimes need to be punished socially so that there would be a long lasting lesson ready for reference in the society. People should own the rape victim and become the part in her totality that too proudly. We need to ponder over it, accept the victim and address the needs of the victim and her family. We must take the responsibility to reach out such victims and take initiatives to regain the lost trust. All of us need to get united , become super sensitive and contribute in building a morally strong society which is possible if we will inculcate the moral values in our children and focus on the same at every stage in their lives.

I still remember the dark dirty floor of the shed in the backyard

The pain as every piece of clothing I had on was getting turned off in fast emotions

(By Alley)  

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