As Mirwaiz of Kashmir, I will continue to highlight realities

Kashmir is oldest pending issue in UN: Mirwaiz

Srinagar, Mar 15: Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that the Kashmir issue is the oldest outstanding issue in the United Nations. The issue precedes the partition of India and Pakistan and since 1931 people of Kashmir and its leadership have been giving immense sacrifices for the cause. Since 1947 we have been demanding that the commitments made by India and Pakistan to the people of Kashmir which are vetted by the international community should be fulfilled.

Addressing a mammoth Friday gathering at the historic Jamia Masjid, after two weeks of continuous curbs, Mirwaiz said since past several decades the pulpit of the central masjid has been highlighting the peoples’ rights and aspirations and will continue to do so in future also. He said that the pulpit will continue to always represent peoples aspirations and call for a peaceful settlement to the Kashmir dispute.

Mirwaiz further said that as the Mirwaiz of Kashmir it is his duty to highlight the reality and truth of the Kashmir issue.

Mirwaiz said that our struggle is not directed against the people of India or the Indian state, but against the repressive means and military approach being followed by the Indian state agaist the people of Kashmir since 1947.

The present political establishment in India is launching crackdowns, making arrests, and issuing summons, slapping PSA and sending political and religious leaders and cadre to jails to suppress the voice of the people of Kashmir.

These things are not new to us and as we have been experiencing this assault for decades now.

Mirwaiz said that the resistance leadership and he in person has made it clear at international forum including United Nations and OIC that the Kashmir issue needs to be resolved politically. But a deliberate attempt is being made to obfuscate facts and our history of struggle through propaganda of the Indian state, particularly through the media which has vitiated the atmosphere against Kashmiris creating hostility against us. Anybody speaking about the resolution of the Kashmir issue is branded as anti national and thereby a terrorist

Mirwaiz urged upon the people of Kashmir to forge unity at this crucial hour and asked the youth to stand firm, stay calm and peaceful. He said that the leadership was clear and committed to its stand on Kashmir.

Mirwaiz strongly condemned the dastardly terror attack on the two mosques in New Zealand where over 45 people were killed and dozens injured, saying that Muslims across the globe are being made targets by Islamaphobic anti-Muslim forces. (KNS) 

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