Education in conflict zones

Education may not be an immediate concern during conflict, but it is highly crucial for post-conflict peace sustainability. Education is a topic that is often overlooked during times of war and violent conflict.

Conflicts completely disrupt the education and damage the prospects for building a strong and stable civil society individually as well as collectively.

However, in conflict zones like Jammu and Kashmir, Syria etc. large number of children are not able to go to school and get proper education.

Infact in conflict zones children are able to tell you about different types of weapons and they will name them all. They will not be able to tell you much about their academics.

In conflict zones like Jammu and Kashmir, Syria etc. when children are left with no other option but to view violence, killings, fear etc. as their present and future as well, then their are chances they will leave their academics and will pick up arms.

It means for these children education itself is a threat and it can be very dangerous.

Educating children is very important in areas of conflict, without education they will not be able to reach their high potential and will not be able to guide others and contribute to to future and stability of their societies.

Author: Zubair Ul Islam

Zubair Ul Islam
Zubair Ul Islam is Group Editor at City FM JK / ANN News

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