Gender stereotype in our society

In an Islamic society both boys and girls are treated as equal. Both have equal rights towards self and society irrespective of their caste and colour. Although in some cases a girl is superior than boys and in some boys are superior than girls, but both are equal to each other.

The religion of Islam gives equal rights such as right to live, right to education, right to freedom to everyone whether its boy or girl and also imposes some duties towards Islam as well.

Our society, which is a Muslim majority society also gives equal rights to both boys and girls but a stereotype thinking is also prevailing in minds of people which is having a bad impact on our society.

In our society both are not treated as same, in one way or other a particular gender (girl) is seen as inferior to another one (boys) which is something irrelevant. Infact one should treat them equally and give them every right which they deserve.

A girl is being blamed for every single mess in our society not only this she is being blamed for every disaster that happens in our society and its very shameful.

Although, a girl is not as good as one wishes to be be, some are bad as well, due to some wrong activity by any girl one sees every single girl with bad manner which is totally wrong.

If one believes every girl is wrong and or bad then same kind of thinking should apply for boys as well. For every messy situation we as a society cannot always blame girls for everything and hide the faults of boys who have wrong intentions.

In our society, its very unfortunate whenever anything wrong happens without thinking anything a girl is being blamed for that without seeing faults of boys.

For instance, if something wrong happens with any girl and she raises a voice against it she is seen as characterless, she is being asked to remain in veil (pardah), she is being asked to keep quiet if she speaks she is seen as mannerless. Not only this she is being asked not to study much as she has to leave and manage someone else’s home.

Even when a girl leaves her parents home and settles down in her in-laws home, there also she is being treated as slave and not daughter.

If this type of thinking is prevailing in the minds of people towards a girl in our society, then why one fail to think in same way for boys as well. Boys can’t be perfect on everything.

Even in religious sermons, mostly a speech is given on how a girl should walk, how she should behave, how her dress code should be and so on. Its good to see our religious clerks giving awareness to girls. But at the same time they should talk about boys as well, they cannot only talk about girls and go away.

If its about giving awareness to people about good manners or how one (boy or girl) can live a good life its good to do so but they cannot be biased on this.

If one (boy or girl) is on wrong path, its our moral as well as social duty to guide them and bring them on right path and we should not highlight their wrong activity and abuse them or treat them as characterless people.

As nobody is perfect in this world this type of stereotype thinking will lead us to destruction if we continuously used to blame girls for everything. With time this type of thinking will grow further.

We may blame girls for everything but what about boys that remains a question mark (?).

Author: Zubair Ul Islam

Zubair Ul Islam
Zubair Ul Islam is Group Editor at City FM JK / ANN News