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Peerpora Shopian residents hail Primary School staff for spending their own money on school development

Shopian: Staff sanctioned at the government primary school in the village of Peerpora, in the Shoipan district of south Kashmir, has made efforts that include money from their pockets that helped the education department declare it “model school”.

The school has three classrooms and eighty students are enrolled with only three teachers.

The locals have hailed the efforts of the school principal, Nazir Ahmad, to put in additional efforts that have helped the school create valuable infrastructure.

“They take care of the needs of the students and they have been teaching very well. They are the ideal teachers, always ready to help, “the residents said.

The locals say that if Nazir had waited for his department to act, it would never have developed.

“He, with the support of community members, has managed to bring high quality fabric uniforms for the students,” the residents said.

They said that it was the staff that decorated the school with posters on different topics, in addition to taking good care of the ground on which the school is located.

“They have made it a beautiful place with flowers of different varieties. “The students have lunch in the park and it’s a nice place, clean and tidy,” said the locals.

Sometimes, the locals say, in addition to cleaning the park, the teachers also take care of the surroundings and keep it tidy.

The school has even impressed Deputy Commissioner Shopian, who praised the efforts of students and teachers alike.

“I am impressed by them and I will send a team there to assess the needs of the school,” Owais promised.

Story: Mudasir Maqbool
(Mudasir Maqbool is a Pulwama based journalist)

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